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Jennifer Lewis

USA Today Bestselling Author


Copyright Jennifer Lewis 2016. 

When retail magnate Dominic Di Bari comes to visit his long-lost-father’s firm, Hardcastle Enterprises, his intentions are not entirely honorable. He soon discovers he’s not the only hostile element in the glittering retail empire. Chemist Bella Soros is gathering evidence for a lawsuit against the company. A blackmail-driven seduction endangers both careers and hearts and causes Dominic, Bella and Tarrant Hardcastle to learn some tough lessons about love and loyalty.



Tarrant Hardcastle has everything most men dream of: a multi-billion dollar retail empire, a gorgeous young trophy wife…and a lot of regrets. He lived the egocentric and decadent life he wanted, and now he’s reaping the bitter harvest. With no dynasty to continue his legacy, he goes looking for the illegitimate children he once spurned - all rich and powerful men with their own agendas... 

Fetching home a long-lost heir is not in Susannah Clarke’s job description, but she’ll do what it takes to get the job done—even bargain with a steamy night of passion. When Argentine wine-grower Amado Alvarez discovers the truth about his parentage, his world is shattered. He’s furious at the bewitching woman who brought such terrible news and decides to exact revenge of a very sensual kind—until he starts to realize he can’t imagine life without her.



Samantha Hardcastle is horrified when the sensual stranger she has a one-night fling with turns out to be her long-lost stepson. Restauranteur Louis DuLac prefers his relationships short and sweet but he’s floored by deep feelings for the beautiful and loving woman who won’t let him touch her again. The thrice-married “Merry Widow” has washed her hands of love—until she starts to realize that she’s never truly known it before.